Paul jerked off in the shower.
Paul just impregnated his bath tub.
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Directed by:  Bobby Miller 
Produced by:  Kim Jackson 
Director of Photography:  Matthew Sanchez 
Edited by: Bobby Miller & Matthew Sanchez
Assistant Camera:  Alex Tyson 
Production Manager: Meghan Mahoney 
Assistant Director:  Andrew Jones 
2nd Assistant Director:  Geoff Ollwerther 
Gaffer:  Zac Rubino 
Grip:  Paul Dickover 
Location Sound/Mixer: Marcin Tyszka 
Sound Design/Post-Mix: Neil Benezra
Script Supervisor:  Jesse Tendler
Art Director:  Daisy Edwards 
Tub Baby Created by:  Monster in my Closet FX
Special Effects Director: Jeremy Selenfriend
Shop Assistants:  Lacey LaBarbera, India Quinby 
Animatronics Design:  Victor Sage
Baby Art Design:  Cheryl Gross 
Puppeteer:  Lisha Brown 
Set Builder:  Justin Mulcahey
Art Department Assistant:  Alexis Martinez 
Art Department Assistant: Meg Allan 
Grip Department Assistant:  Shane O’Reilly 
Grip Department Assistant:  Nick Hartanto 
Set Photographer:  Rachel Esterday
Set PA:  Ed Blythe 
Set PA: Sam Bennett 

Casting Director:  Amy Gossels

Eric Levy – PAUL
Megan Raye Manzi – EMILY
Dwayne Wilson – DWAYNE
Cheryl Gross – NEIGHBOR

Mark Adamsbaum, Victor Arnez, Leah Bonnema, Nelson Estavez, Patricia Seely

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